AV Spaces
* 1x12″ Subwoofer;
* The Maximum SPL can be reach to 129dB;
* Cooperate with DX4.1&DX5.1,can be used for small meals,multi-functional conference room,household hi-fi stereo etc.
Acoustic Performance   
System Subwoofer
Frequency Range(-10dB) 40Hz-300Hz
Frequency Range(±3dB) 45Hz-250Hz
Rated Power 400W
Maximum Power 1600W
Sensitivity(1w/1m) 97dB
Maximum SPL 129dB
Loudspeakers 1x12″
Nominal Impedance
Connections 2xNLT4 ±1
Physical Performance 
Size(WxDxH) 360 x 550 x680(mm)
Weight N.W: 30.5kg    R.W: 33.5kg
Technical Drawings
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